Working Together to Help Keep Our Children Safe.

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“Working together to help keep our children safe”

As you could imagine Child Watch has many needs at any given time any where in the United States and even around the world. Child Watch offers all it’s services free of charge and we strive to keep our administration costs as low as possible in an effort to spend more money on our core mission; investigations and safety and prevention of abductions. This job can only be accomplished if we have help from good, kind and honest people. We are always looking for private investigators, area reps, current or retired FBI and law enforcement, office space, new computer equipment, vehicles and even rental property or hotels for investigators stay. The more Child Watch can get donated the more money we can spend on our core mission.

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If you feel like you might might be able to help support our efforts please take a second to fill out the information below. Child Watch values your privacy and will never sell your information to any third party.