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My name is Charles Hamilton, and I am the father of Dakota Carmen Hamilton. Dakota was born October 31, 1995. Her mother abducted her on December 8, 1996. Dakota was a victim of an international parental abduction and remained missing for over 12 years. Her mother hid in Spain for the next twelve years. Even though Spain is a signatory to the Hague Convention, officials from that country refused to return Dakota to me despite my United States custody order.

This abduction has left my daughter with many issues that she faces bravely every day. Over the years I have struggled with the loss of my daughter as well. I have worked with many wonderful people who supported me over the twelve years. Gloria Nyberg, a Child Watch international investigator was instrumental in helping me navigate the system. Eventually we found Dakota had been abducted to Spain. As I stated earlier, Spain refused to assist me and return Dakota as per the Hague Convention Treaty.

It took a while but soon it was apparent I needed to try and establish a relationship with my daughter no matter of my legal rights. I decided to put together a trip but I would require help to fund it. Child Watch stepped up and assisted in covering some of the expenses for the trip. I schedule my trip to Spain for July 12th 2010 to July 19th 2010. Child Watch was able to secure and fund my visitation lodging, and I am so very very humbly appreciative and in debt to their services. This could have never been done without this help, Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, I speak for Dakota as well, I can never repay the kindness. Child Watch shared the ups and downs with my family through this dark dismal tragedy. Finally I was able to meet my daughter for the first time in twelve years. We were able to enjoy each others’ company so perfectly I thought you would like to see the pictures of my special time with Dakota.

Sincerely and so touched by your help forever.
Charles Hamilton and Dakota Hamilton

I may be always be reached for verification of their services and help to anyone at 210-739-5306

Thanks again, a happy father.